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In the wide world of desserts, Rians brings French pâtisserie expertise to
your table, by making the pleasures of authentic and chef-worthy desserts
accessible to your home.

Our products

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The french crème brûlée vanilla

The true original, the unctous and rich cream made with Bourbon Vanilla.
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The french crème brûlée cinnamon

The classic cream you know and love, spiced up with the sweet and woody notes of cinnamon. A fresh twist on a true classic.
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The french crème brûlée orange blossom

A rich cream meets the aerial and floral notes notes of orange blossom. It’s true that oppostites attract.
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The chocolate cream with orange

The intense taste of a luscious chocolate cream, meeting the tangy notes of an orange coulis. A match made in heaven.
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The chocolate cream with raspberry

A smooth chocolate cream resting upon a layer of raspberry coulis. Dive deep and enjoy that sweet and fruity kick.
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The french chocolate mousse

Eating chocolate makes you happy, try our Chocolate Mousse if you had any doubts.
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The french crème brûlée vanilla

The true original, the unctous and rich cream made with Bourbon Vanilla.
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Our story


The farm that grew a family
The story begins in the heart of the verdant French countryside, right at the center of France. There, a few miles away from the iconic city of Sancerre, lies a charming little village by the name of Rians: a peaceful haven where Désiré Triballat and his wife Francine settled in a little dairy farm in 1901. Their children grew up on the farm, learning their parents’ trade and keeping busy with good, honest work.

Becoming Rians
Fifty years later, Désiré and Francine’s grandson Hubert took over the family farm, and named it Rians. Soon, Rians desserts were staples of French tables, both at home and in restaurants. They became part in the French art de vivre.

The legacy goes on
In the 1990s, Hubert’s grandson Hugues took up the rein of the company and still leads it today, keeping Rians entirely owned by the same family since it was born a hundred years ago. Because the Triballat family is all about human relationships, respect and transmission, to preserve and nurture its delicious legacy, generations after generations.

What makes us so special

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Superior quality ingredients : fresh milk, cage-free eggs, Bourbon vanilla
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A family owned company, that has always been faithful to the traditional recipe
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A close and trustful relationship with independent farmers